How To Order

Zero Mile Farm Samui's Certified Organic Farm

Zero Mile Farm Samui is engaging with commercial customers on a "grown-to-order-basis", (Grow Orders), serving the wholesale community.

Due to an overwhelming response from Samui residents to be able to buy direct, we are making part of our daily harvest available for individual purchase, (ZMF Direct).

ZMF Direct  

Click HERE to visit our Daily Harvest shop

If you are looking to buy smaller amounts of organic produce ad-hoc from our farm, ZMF Direct will allow you to purchase the available daily fresh produce.
The available daily fresh harvest will be published on our website on a first-order,
first served basis.

Grow Orders

Unlike distributors, supermarkets or your local green grocer, each time somebody places an order with ZMF, that crop is grown specifically for them and no one else.

"Grow Orders" establish a regular amount of produce to be grown for a specific wholesale customer, (and the greenhouse space required accordingly).

Each Grow Order accepted reserves between 2 - 10 times the size of the greenhouse growing beds required to satisfy the initial delivery, (dependent on the repeated volume & frequency required), ensuring our ability to re-supply on schedule every time.  

The typical turn-around time to meet the first delivery on a Grow Order is about six weeks.  After the first crop has been delivered, the re-supply occurs as per the Grow Order and will continue on that volume and frequency until modified or cancelled.

Deposit Requirements

"Grow Order" customers must establish a Credit Account, which will needs be funded prior to the first order being seeded.  Sufficient balance must be maintained to cover the continuing re-seeding of the greenhouse space reserved to meet future deliveries connected to each Grow Order.

Each time a standing Grow Order is seeded, a further deposit will be deducted from the customer's existing Credit Account.

"Grow Orders" require a deposit upon each order being accepted, (deposit required is calculated based on size and quantity requested by the Customer), with the remaining balance payable upon delivery, (COD).