Our Philosophy

Organic Farm and Online Organic Vegetable Delivery Service Values

Zero Mile Farms are designed to provide healthy, nutrient dense food in a sustainable, cost effective way with low environmental impact.  We believe that people should be able to buy locally sourced, safe vegetables right here on Koh Samui. 

Our diverse team thrives on challenges and creating practical solutions to support our families, communities and the planet. We hope to inspire others to find solutions to environmental and community issues and we dedicate our legacy, inspiration and work to our children and the next generation. 

Zero Mile Farm Koh Samui is committed to:

        • Reducing the carbon footprint of the food available on Koh Samui and neighbouring islands
        • Growing safe, nutrient dense and delicious vegetables.
        • Promoting Sustainability for hotels and residents on Koh Samui.
        • Helping hotels on Samui provide local, farm to table produce.
        • Teaching children in local and international schools how to eat and farm sustainably.
        • Creating jobs and educational training for Thai and Burmese staff.
        • Continue to innovate environmentally supportive, low energy farming practices. 
        • Working towards increased food security for Koh Samui and the neighbouring islands.
        • Using the resources and tools we have to try and make improvements for the future. 

We believe that all food should be grown locally. Reduce your carbon footprint and choose sustainable farming with Zero Mile Farms.