Organic Salad Box with Kale (Medium Size)

Organic Salad Box with Kale (Medium Size)

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Enjoy a selection of salad for your family. We'll give you the freshest produce from our harvest. Choose from a one-off box, or a repeat subscription.
  • 1Kg Mixed Lettuce (10 Servings*)
  • 1Kg Kale (10 Servings*)
  • 200g Heirloom Tomatoes (While stocks available - if no tomatoes available we will replace with same value of available produce). * No Tomatoes available until end September 2020

Perfect for those who love to juice, stir fry & enjoy kale in salads.

Styrofoam box purchase required with first order. For hygiene purposes (and for the planet!)  please keep your box and then when you re-order our team will put your next veggies into the box outside your home. 

*each serving based on 100g portion size.